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Family Lawyer in Sioux City, Iowa

At the Law Offices of Jacquelyn Johnson, we pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of our clients. Jacquelyn Johnson works directly with you on your family law case.  This is important when a client is dealing with the emotional stresses associated with divorce, child custody and other family court disputes.


Family law cases can be resolved through an adversarial process in family court or through collaborative law or mediation. Jacquelyn Johnson of Sioux City, IA, is experienced  in finding favorable resolutions to her clients’ family law concerns.


If a settlement agreement cannot be reached, we are prepared to take your case to trial in family court. Whether you’re looking to protect your assets as you begin life with a new partner, negotiate a divorce settlement, or settle a custody dispute, Jacquelyn Johnson can effectively manage and navigate your family law needs.

Areas of Practice

Divorce: We work to reach a settlement agreement that protect your assets and custody rights — from collaborating with opposing counsel to litigating your divorce case in family court.


Prenuptial Agreements: Jacquelyn Johnson devises prenuptial agreements that protects marital and non-marital property, alimony.  Prenuptial Agreements are ideal for individuals entering a marriage that have established assets and wealth..


Paternity Disputes: Determining the paternity of a child can affect child support, visitation and child custody. JJR handles paternity proceedings on behalf of fathers and mothers, and can answer any questions you may have regarding paternity tests, DNA testing and other issues.


Postnuptials: Postnuptial agreements can b drawn up after a union to protect assets and personal property.


- Jacquelyn Johnson-Reinhardt

"I believe it is my job to be your advocate and make you feel comfortable and confident that your rights are protected."



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Jaquelyn Johnson handles divorce and family law cases throughout Sioux City, Carroll, Spenser, South Sioux City, Lemars, Onawa and Sheldon

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